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Our lessons are oriented towards the legal framework of primary schools (Primaria) and new middle schools (Sekundaria). Addressing the needs of our time we offer bionics and social learning in the secondary school (Sekundaria), following the curriculum that was created by our teaching staff and approved by the Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture.

In the subject Bionics biological structures, which are used as models for the technological advancement, are analyzed. For example, burrs (burdock seeds) are examined under the microscope and the connection to technological innovations (burdock seed dispersal – Velcro fastener) is explained.

Social Learning
Social skills and competences are integrated into our curriculum on a daily basis, and apart from this input, we offer the subject „Social Learning“ in the secondary school. Exercises and workshops in self-competence (self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reflection, self-responsibility) and social competence (communication capacity, cooperation skills, team spirit) are integrated into this subject.

Healthy lifestyle
Physical workout is not only restricted to the subject PE and the breaks. We are convinced that alternating sessions of learning, workout and relaxation increase the level of concentration and capacity of learning. The school offers a specific classroom for projects in creativity, which is frequently used for games, guided visualization, meditation, theatre and music. In addition, our garden area can be used for sports and games, relaxation and other creative purposes.

We all know about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet for our lives. In order to convey this significance to our students and inform them about the components of a healthy diet we have made this topic our priority. In our practical lessons the students learn how to prepare simple but healthy dishes on their own.

General assembly
The general assembly serves as a forum where teachers as well as students have the chance to address issues and state their concerns, followed by a discussion.

We realize Freinet’s statement „give children a voice“ and offer our students the possibility to participate in the setting up our instructional programme by voicing their wishes and ideas. In this assembly usually one student takes over the role of the students’ speaker, responsible for the protocol, while another student is responsible for writing the minutes.

Creative spirit
Arts and inventive activities stimulate creativity and emotions and thus support the cognitive development. Creative offers like arts and crafts, theatre, music, culinary arts and games are essential components of our daily school routine. There is also the opportunity to integrate specific skills of parents and teachers, like French (foreign languages), sports, creative design, native speakers etc, into the school’s curriculum in projects, workshops, presentations and the like.

Practical tasks which arise from the daily school routine are carried out by the students in so called „kiddyjobs“. These include tidying up the classrooms, taking care of plants etc and create a sense of responsibility among the students. The tasks are coordinated by the teaching staff and foster the community spirit, sense of belonging and conflict management skills.

Days of practical work experience
In order to prepare the students for the world of work and professions the students of the secondary school take part in compulsory „days of practical work experience“. They have the chance to do internships in companies of their choice for a certain amount of days.

Presentation and rhetoric
Presentation techniques and rhetoric are integral elements of every subject in our schools and are also taught in specific courses.


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