Lernraum-Montessorischule de La Tour

Basic educational principles

The de La Tour Montessori school learning space encourages individuality. The children contribute their talents and interests, and account is taken of their different learning situations, since not everyone is required is to learn the same thing at the same time. The children strengthen their personalities and increase their personal and social skills.

By "learning through doing", the children have the opportunity to investigate knowledge content using sensory materials. They construct their own knowledge and optimise their learning by discovering their personal learning styles and learning strategies. In this way, they develop decision-making skills and responsibility.

Our school encourages project-focused learning. The morning is regarded as a single unit, without the interruptions of an hourly cycle. The children state their learning intentions, and then organise and control the work themselves. They learn to make decisions and to set priorities. This organisational ability will help them through all stages of their lives.

In addition, we learn in mixed age groups. A team will work particularly effectively if it supplements the strengths and weaknesses within this community. In a team the children learn how pleasant it is to deal with each other co-operatively, benevolently and sensitively. They learn to put forward their opinions and interests and to present themselves. Learning in groups helps children develop social skills.

A democratic approach means that our children feel that they are taken seriously and that they are valued because we make an effort to see their point of view and understand them. However, they need clear rules and clear limits, giving the children a sense of security and orientation. A manageable framework and a reliable course of activities in particular are preconditions for the child's development.

As a reform-pedagogy school, we present the children with many opportunities to give expression to their creativity. They develop, design and learn in many ways, in order to acquire the skills needed for their lives. Children need space to feel at ease and sensorial materials to "grasp". They need an environment that invites them to move, investigate and discover. Accordingly, learning outside in the natural environment is of particular importance.

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