Lernraum-Montessorischule de La Tour

Our day

Early-morning supervision: Children are supervised in the school from 7:30 onwards, and can arrive at school proper at any time between 8:00 and 8:35.

Arrival: Arrival can mean that the children are initially deep in conversation, already thinking about what they want to do in the morning, or it can mean that they begin immediately with their individual learning tasks.

Learning time: During the first open learning period to 10:40, the children learn individually according to their own learning speed, alone or in groups, in the fields of mathematics, languages and natural sciences (biology, geography, history, chemistry and physics), supported by the teaching team. Presentations and explanations are offered individually or in groups according to the learning stage. At the end of this period, the children enter their learning achievements in their learning diary individually.

The garden period: Every morning, this is followed by a half-hour break spent in the extensive outdoor area. Free play, investigation, discovery, experimentation, football and basketball constitute a wide choice for social interaction.

Group learning period
In the second open learning period, creative, artistic and movement intensive-activities are included in the learning time. On one morning in the week, children are offered Italian as an option. One day in the week focuses on the natural sciences, with the children working intensively on projects that they have selected themselves. The finished projects are presented to the children and their parents.

For children registered for full-day schooling, lunch is offered at 11:30, 12:30 or 13:20. The varied child-appropriate meals are prepared fresh every day in the kitchen of the de La Tour Diakonie in Harbach.

Individual learning supervision during the afternoon and free-time
Lunch is followed by individual study time. The children do their homework largely independently in accordance with their learning path, accompanied and if necessary assisted by the team of teachers. This is followed by a variety of leisure opportunities, from "simply relaxing" to sporting and creative activities.

The school week begins on Monday with a morning circle and ends on Friday with a closing circle for everyone, with integrated pupil mediation. In the latter, the children, applying precise rules, take on sole responsibility for leading and conducting the discussion circle. This is an opportunity to discuss current needs, wishes, complaints and suggestions. The children make an effort to achieve consensus.

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