Montessori School de La Tour Treffen

Other offers

  • Progressive Education
  • Foreign languages ​​(English and Italian)
  • Integration
  • Focus training in music and creative design
  • Counselors
  • Speech therapy teacher
  • Motor skills teacher
  • Leisure Education
  • individual support measures (music, creative arts, theater)
  • Diverse musical offering (fantasy and activity, musical forms) projects and there are no limits to our working studio of creativity

We have a foreign language focus - addressing the needs of our time - Italian and English. In addition, students have the opportunity in natural classroom situations  to deepen and to expand their language skills with a native speaker.
Strengthening of the English language: The NMS and VS  is bilingual at least 20 hours a week.

We will have exchange visits with the Italian Montessori School "Facciamo un nido" from Cortina d'Ampezzo. We are also involved with the project "Dreitretri".

Montessori School de La Tour Treffen
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