Montessori School de La Tour Treffen


  • Jeux dramatiques (Role play)
  • Forest Days
  • Creative Projects (puppets, pottery workshop)
  • Theater group
  • 5th grade ski course Bad Kleinkirchheim
  • 6th grade ski course Bad Kleinkirchheim
  • 7th grade - Vienna
  • 8th graduation trip Grade - Croatia
  • English Projects (Autumn Project, English breakfast, American breakfast, Sketches)
  • Reading projects (VS Reading Night, reading every day 5th and 6th grade, Reading partnership VS-HS, book presentations, presentation of research papers)
  • Autumn Project 5th grade
  • Job applications 8th Circle grade
  • Professional practice days 8 grade
  • Nashorncup (football tournament with other primary schools in the area)
  • sports activities (skiing, ice skating, swimming, cycling, walking)


Montessori School de La Tour Treffen
Niederdorferstraße 36
9521 Treffen

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(+43) 04248 3806-20
Mag. Herbert Prisslan Mag. Herbert Prisslan


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