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  • Berühmte Zeichnung Leonardo Da Vincis auf Stoff gedruckt

Interview von unserer Native Speakerin Nicola Peniston – Bird:

What do you like most about your job?

The versatility and diversity -this job is definitely anything but boring! It is also great to be able to work in my mother tongue, and I believe learning should be fun for both the children and the teacher. The other teachers in the school are also highly motivated and the team is fantastic. We are all individuals yet have the common goal that goes way beyond simply transmitting knowledge. Values and social behaviour are also of utmost importance.

As the classes are much smaller than in most other schools, the children receive the individual attention they need in order to discover and develop their potential. Some children need extra help with problem areas, others need extra challenges to stretch their minds – all children are equally valuable.

Music also plays an important role in my life – I play the harp. My working hours leave me enough time to practice and prepare for concerts. And of course, the children love it when I take my harp to school and they can try it out!

These are all factors that make this a dream job for me!

What is the most difficult thing about your job?

Getting up early in the morning! Although I am an early bird, it can be tough - especially in the winter, where the trip can take twice as long!

What does a typical day in your job look like?

No day is the same, which makes my job really exciting! I really enjoy working together with the other teachers and we discuss the lessons beforehand. These depend on the age group and their respective levels. I love reading with the children in small groups – this way I can concentrate on communication skills and pronunciation. Then there might be dictation, looking at some grammar issue in more depth, discussing a topic in class… Learning without fear - encouragement, not criticism is the key!

Why did you choose a job with the Diakonie de La Tour?

From the moment I read the job description, I knew this was the job for me!
Wanted: Native speaker, who loves children, is willing to think outside the box and interested in both traditional and alternative teaching methods.

Well, here I am!

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