Lernraum-Montessorischule de La Tour, Sekundaria - Klagenfurt

About our team

Heidrun Hofer: (special education teacher, art therapist, many years of experience in middle schools/NMS)

“My ‘strength’ is that I have a ‘weak spot’ for people with special needs.”

Bernadette Suntinger:

“Curiosity and the desire to learn are inspired by our awe for the world around us. I would like to bring our students on a journey to the awe-inspiring worlds of mathematics and biology. In art we will learn to create beauty out of next to nothing, and in sports to love movement in and of itself. But despite all the content that I would like to impart to students, most important to me are the children themselves: each and every individual one is a treasure that I want the children to discover for themselves!”

Christina White:

“Children are naturally curious about the world, so geography is the perfect subject for letting students explore literally wherever on earth their imagination takes them. We will begin with the universe, the planets and our solar system – with detours to places like black holes and the start of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Then we will slowly zoom into the features of the continents, countries and capital cities around the world, finishing right here with Klagenfurt and Carinthia – which the students will have to teach me because I am new here!

For our English lessons we will mostly work with vocabulary that fits with the other subject areas students are learning about, for example science fiction as we learn about the solar system, or describing people or animals as we learn about the human body and mammals in biology, etc."

Wendy Prohazka:

“Studied modern languages & business studies in the UK. On moving to Carinthia in 2001 I retrained as a teacher of English as a foreign language. For the past 10 years I have been teaching English mostly to primary and secondary school students as well as successfully tutoring students in secondary bilingual education.”

Lernraum-Montessorischule de La Tour, Sekundaria - Klagenfurt
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