Lernraum-Montessorischule de La Tour, Sekundaria - Klagenfurt

Bilingual, differentiated, individual – A unique school experience

English every day, all day— Bilingual education for middle school grades 5-8 only at the Lernraum-Montessorischule de La Tour in Klagenfurt!   

For six years we have offered bilingual primary school for students through the fourth grade, and as of autumn 2014 we offer the middle school years. Our bilingual secondaria school based on Montessori principles supports students’ individual talents and interests. Our approach recognizes that students come to school with different levels of knowledge and skills, and that they have individual learning styles and paces. Project-based learning and a broad spectrum of activities allow students to deepen their knowledge and train their independent critical thinking skills. Students are exposed to a variety of methods that encourage them to expand and actively shape their knowledge base.    

Lernraum-Montessorischule de La Tour, Sekundaria - Klagenfurt
Harbacher Straße 70
9020 Klagenfurt

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