Welcome to the DAVINCI SCHOOLS - Austria’s one and only institute integrating „Bionics“ into their regular curriculum!

The DAVINCI schools operate on a private basis and include primary school (Primaria) as well as the new middle school (Sekundaria). The schools follow the Austrian public school curriculum requirements and offer classes from pre-school level up to 8th form. The term „da Vinci“ refers to the universal genius Leonardo and his philosophy.

One of the distinct features of the schools is the educational focus on ecology, environmental protection and bionics. The DAVINCI schools are the only institute inAustriawhich has integrated bionics as a regular subject in their curriculum. 

For more information on the „Ökopark“, where the DAVINCI schools are located, see: www.oekopark.at 

The careful use of resources, respect for everything alive as well as a positive attitude towards oneself are the fundamental pedagogical principles of the schools. Montessori, Freinet and Birkenbiehl are key orientations in teaching and student development.

Am Ökopark 10A
8230 Hartberg

(+43) 03332 61265

Julia  Pfeifer, BEd
Julia Pfeifer, BEd

Principal Primaria

(+43) 0664 88272631
Dipl. Päd. Marianne Gande